Selected Writing


Walking Home At Night (Ways in Which I’ve Wasted My Energy), Cosmonauts Ave

TENDERNESS 2020Going Down Swinging Online 

How to Be Hungry IIThe Lifted Brow Online

Fun at PartiesSLIPPAGE (Issue 2)

How to Build a UniverseThe Lifted Brow 30

How to Write a Self-Help Book, Voiceworks


Clones don’t sleep, CORDITE 91: MONSTER

turn offScum

Lavender Addict: A Deep-Sea Thriller Part IIScum 

i am just so in love, ASH Journal, Hilary 2019


Articles and Reviews

52 Blue: A Review of Leslie Jamison’s Make it Scream, Make it BurnOxonian Review

and then it was so sad: A Review of Sophie Robinson’s RabbitOxonian Review 

Dumb and Disgusting Women: A Review of NicotineThe Lifted Brow Online



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