Fun at Parties (forthcoming), SLIPPAGE 

How to Be HungryThe Lifted Brow Online

How to Write A Self-Help Book, Voiceworks 107 Relic

How to Build a UniverseThe Lifted Brow 30

How Giraffes DieThe Lifted Brow Online 

The OffenderThe Lifted Brow 23


Internet Thing

I thought this was something else, AltTxt, Seizure Online – 2015



Clones don’t sleep, CORDITE 91: MONSTER

i am just so in love, ASH Journal, Hilary 2019

turn offScum

Lavender Addict: A Deep-Sea Thriller Part IIScum 


Articles and Reviews

Our Obligation To Anger: On Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette And Feminist RageVictorian Women’s Trust Blog

Dumb and Disgusting Women: A Review of NicotineThe Lifted Brow Online

My Jealousy Is Romantic: A Review of The Bit In Between, The Lifted Brow Online

A Very Cool Chat About Punk, Stealing from the Patriarchy and Quitting Your Job with Miranda JulyJunkee

Nama-stay Away From Me, The Collective, Issue 29

On the Junket Agenda: How Do We Get Australians to Start Caring About Their Digital Privacy?, Junkee 

The Australian Government is Using Facial Recognition Technology And Hardly Anyone is Talking About ItJunkee

Interview: Marc MaronThe BRAG

Interview: Imogen Heap, The BRAG

If animals are sentient, what then?, Overland 

Who do TPVs protect?, Overland



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